Public Health Series:  The Essentials

An integrated series of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) courses.  

Each "Public Health Series:  The Essentials" course is free standing and independent.  As a group, the courses have a 'population-based,  prevention-oriented'  theme.  A course consists of 12  modules that include material considered to be essential content for that subject area.  Although the modules fit together to make a whole course, they too are constructed to be meaningful on their own.  The series includes the following courses:

Public Health
Disease Control
Health Statistics
Environmental Health

These courses were developed as separate, three semester hour, upper division, college level courses.  By varying the assignments and outcomes requirements of the courses, they can (and have) been used as graduate level instruction.  The course material is the equivalent of a basic, condensed book on the subject matter, and each module can be considered the equivalent of a chapter in the book.   Having said that, the courses were constructed to be used with textbooks, articles, and web resources, and were developed to focus and re-enforce the essential content of the subject from a variety of sources.   

Computer/Internet requirements:   These courses are available on computer CD, but can be loaded on a server and used via the Internet.  The student must have access to an Internet capable computer.  This means that the computer has an Internet browser and can connect to other web sites on the 'net'.  Each module may require 2-4 hours of Internet time to complete, so a local service provider is desirable.  Audio/Video feeds or lectures may be provided but not necessary to complete any module.  For the Audio/Video files, the student must have RealPlayer capable software and a sound capable computer.   Basic RealPlayer may be downloaded from the Internet at no charge. 

Learning Experiences:  Course modules stand alone, but readings in recommended texts provide detailed additional information.  Hyperlinks located within the modules will take the reader to other academic, governmental, and professional sites related to the study material. The reader is highly encouraged to visit and study the materials at these sites.  In addition to ‘links’, open-ended discussion questions within modules increase interactivity.  Discussion and study questions at the end of each module re-enforce mastery of the material. Quizzes within each module informally test general comprehension.  Audio lectures/notes, if available, add an additional learning dimension.

Applications:  These courses, individually or combined, may be used to introduce, or build, on a Public Health core.  Courses from this series are also appropriate for, and have been taken by, students in Health Services, Allied Health, Health Administration, Education, Nursing, Biology, and Pre-Med or Pre-Dentistry.