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Rural Health: A Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Course
By Angeline Bushy, Ph.D., R.N.


RURAL HEALTH contains eleven lessons focusing on health issues from a RURAL HEALTH perspective. Students study the multifaceted dimensions of health, illness, the health care delivery system, populations with special needs, occupational accidents, and heath beliefs of rural residents are highlighted. Each lesson includes hypertext links to assist learners in accessing additional information via the Internet. COMHEALTH - IV RURAL HEALTH includes information from a US and international viewpoint. This system is appropriate for undergraduate, graduate, in-service, distance, and continuing education students requiring BASIC RURAL HEALTH learning objectives. RURAL HEALTH may be used with a textbook or supportive literature of your choice or assigned by your instructor/facilitator. Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Lesson 2: Rural-Urban Residency: Terms & Definitions

Lesson 3: A Theory For Rural Nursing

Lesson 4: Rural People and Their Health Status

Lesson 5: Learning About a Rural Community and the People Who Live There

Lesson 6: Rural Health Care Delivery Systems

Lesson 7: Rural Nursing in the U.S.

Lesson 8: Cultural & Linguistically Competent Nursing Care

Lesson 9: Ethical Situations in Rural Settings

Lesson 10: Rural Nursing Research: Needs and Considerations

Lesson 11: Rural Nursing - International Perspectives

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