Participant RE-ENTRY & Validation for Basic Rural Health Course


Position your Cursor to the Email Box. Use the TAB key to move to each box. Do not use the Enter Key. Please enter your email address. Enter the PID designation you created when initially registering and processing your order. If you have lost or forgotten your PID, type in HELP in the PID Box and ASK will send you an Email with the PID information & you can proceed to your Lessons. If you do not have an assigned Participant Identification designation STOP your attempt to re-enter the Rural Course and send an Email to ASKDATAINC@AOL.COM with the subject line “Rural Health Assistance Needed" and a response will be sent to resolve enrollment issues. Please verify that your Email address is valid and that your Participant Identification Designation is correct. In the LAST BOX select your university or employer origin. If your university or employer is not listed select "Open Independent Study". Email Address

Assigned Participant Identification Designation

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