Spirituality Course Registration. This on-line course may be used as a classroom assignment, assigned Independent Study or as a Continuing Education Requirement. CE Participants will be awarded 10 (ten) CNE's certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

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READ CAREFULLY & FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Position your Cursor to the Email Box. Use the TAB key to move to each box. Do not use the Enter Key. Please enter your email address. Personal Identification Designation: ALL PARTICIPANTS Enter todays' date (MMDDYY) followed by the initials of your name (Example: "050415JBR"). Participants assigned by their instructor/faculty for CLASSROOM or INDEPENDENT STUDY add a suffix of UAI after their initials (Example: "050415JBRUAI"). Students may be assigned by their instructors to print out their final exam results and turn them for credit. Those registering for CONTINUING EDUCATION use as their suffix "CNE" (Example: "050415JBRCNE" and will get their CNE certificates within 30 (thirty) days of completing their Final Examination. Please VERIFY that your Email address is valid and that your participant identification is correct in the subsequent validation screen. In the LAST BOX select your university, employer origin OR as an Open Enrollee. Participants have one year from enrollment date to complete this course.

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