Research Participant RE-ENTRY & Validation for Spirituality Course


This Re-entry is for Persons who are research study participants. If you are not a research participant, close this Tab and return to the ASK Home Page and and Click onto the Box labeled "Course Rentry CNE". To re-enter your Spirituality Course, position your Cursor to the Email Box. Use the TAB key to move to each box. Do not use the Enter Key. Enter your email address. Enter your Personal Identification Designation. If you do not have an assigned Participant Identification Designation STOP your attempt to re-enter this course and send an Email to ASKDATAINC@AOL.COM with the subject line “Need to Enroll in SPIRIT” and a response will be sent within 48 hours. Upon completion of the Final Exam of the Course, you will recieve an Electronic CNE Ten (10) hours) Certificate within 30 days. Please verify that your Email address is valid and that your participant identification is correct. IMPORTANT PLEASE SELECT CAREFULLY! In the LAST BOX select your Course Location for your college or university or employer LOCATION. If your Origin Location is not a listed Research Location Participants select the appropriate Open Enrollment designation. Email Address

Personal Identification Designation

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Leave this box blank for audit control. Click on the Submit Button. Be patient, valdation may take up 60 seconds!