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Principles of Pediatric Care

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These Prototype Lessons in Principles of Pediatric Care are co-authored by Dr. Helen Lerner and Dr. Deborah Kramer and are protected under the copyright laws of the United States.

Our prototype lesson follows and is grouped in segments. Some segments have “essay type” questions and others inter-active type questions. It is the responsibility of the student/participant to keep safely their written materials. We suggest that you keep them with the student/participant handbook or start your own folder for the course.

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Design: This course is designed for easy “Click” navigation. There are buttons that will direct your actions: NEXT, MENU and PREVIOUS. There are special buttons used for the Author's Advisory Informational Update, a segment in which the authors periodically communicate new information about the segment just presented. Those buttons are: Advisory (New), Current (1-3 year) and History (more than 4 years). Interactive questions and their responses by the student/participant have not only a rationale for the correct responses but good feedback when you answer a question incorrectly.

Caveats: Take the suggestion to give yourself a break in study seriously. It will assist you in the learning processes and save your sanity. Use a dictionary (standard or medical) if you can not define a word. It is OK to better understand the content than to make an unnecessary error in learning or in your practice.

Tips: Do not try to cram. It doesn't work well with most students. Plan your lesson time and try not to do multiple lessons at the same sitting.

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Sponsorship: We proudly acknowledge the Sponsonships, Foundations, Organizations, Institutions and Individuals who have funded this course from content design to production status. Our course content is not meant to be an advertisement for a particular company or industry. Affording an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions to the community of educational values, however, is an important component of community appreciation of their support.

Our society is based on competitive capitalism and all prosper when companies or organizations contribute as well as public acknowledgment of those that are recognized for their Community Contributions. Sure, they want our business but to achieve that, they need to establish a brand trust and that is the nature of most business relationships, including our commitment to you, our client, to produce courses that enhance and promote the learning processes for Nursing and Allied Health University and Continuing Education.